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*New photos added showing rebuilt structures*

The following are a collection of various Hurricane Charley images and damage photos. Some are grabs from camcorder video. I haven't had as much free time as I would like or need to make the original images the most website-ready, so unfortunately the quality is a bit low on some of the photos. However, when time allows these will be updated and new photos added.

Radar images from WBBH NBC 2, Fort Myers
Image #1: Hurricane Charley has entered into Charlotte Harbor. Image #2: The eye of Hurricane Charley begins to pass over west Punta Gorda. Just moments after image #2, power was lost for almost 2 weeks.

Various Hurricane Charley images

Various images from the front yard and inside the house before, during and after Hurricane Charley.

Governor Jeb Bush arrives in Punta Gorda

Saturday, August 14 - 11:30 am: Governor Jeb Bush arrives in Punta Gorda via a military helicopter to inspect the damage and meet with local officials. I originally didn't know the governor was in this helicopter. A minute or so after I recorded it flying over the house I hopped into the car and a reporter on the radio mentioned that Gov. Bush had just arrived at the airport in a military helicopter.

Leveled condominium complex

This is 1 section of a 5 section condominium complex. This complex sustained such extensive damage that it had to be completely leveled. Demolition started about 5 months after the storm. Click here to see a new photo taken on 5/6/2007 showing a nearly rebuilt complex.

Damaged condominum complex section

Condominium damage

This is another condominium complex that's only about 1/4 of a mile away from the complex mentioned above.

Badly damaged home

This home is located in the Deep Creek subdivision of Charlotte County

Motor home toppled

It takes some mighty winds to get a big fella like this on its side.

Condominium complex top ripped off | Update/new photo 5/6/2007 - complex has been leveled and completely rebuilt

Pizza Hut - Port Charlotte, Florida

This series of photos shows what the Pizza Hut on the corner of Elkam Blvd. and U.S. 41 in Port Charlotte, Florida looked like 7 months after the storm.

Aerial Photos

These aerial photos show how a section of land in Charlotte Harbor looked before Hurricane Charley struck and after. This small peninsula was almost completely stripped bare of its thick vegetation.

Aerial Photos

These aerial photos show how a mobile home park looked before Hurricane Charley and its destruction after.

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